A Dead Djinn in Cairo

P. Djl Clark
A Dead Djinn in Cairo Cover

A Dead Djinn in Cairo


The biggest failure of this story is the length. It's too short but in the same time, the author worte the complete story, with the beginning and ending. It makes me thrilled that more and more wroters are exploring different places of the world and give them the fantasty twist. I adored all the used concepts.

Of course, there are those little things - Upper Egypt always was considered as more traditional than Lower part of the country. It's obvious since north started to be the center of the culture in the region from Arabs' conquest. If Fatma was different, it could be described in the story. In this case, it's hard to believe that Sa'idyya to be more open than the people from Cairo.

But still, it's one of my absoultely favorite short stories ever (yes, it had such a huge impact on me). I hope to read more in this setting.