The Book of M

Peng Shepherd
The Book of M Cover

The Book of M


All the stars! Plus more stars! The Book of M is simply phenomenal and utterly unputdownable. (I finished all 500 pages in just two days. Who needs sleep?)

This is not just another end-of-the-world book. Oh no, not at all. The author concocted a very clever twist on an almost-overdone genre and she did it with a massive overload of genius. There's Hindu myth and Peter Pan, more than a little sprinkling of the fantastical, and boatloads of subtle but profound philosophical musings. The writing is superb, the characterizations are excellent, and the story is mesmerizing.

I can't believe this is a debut novel and I guarantee I will pre-order the author's next book the very second I am able to do so.