Cory Doctorow
Walkaway Cover



The only Doctorow I read before this book was "Little Brother". It was a fast paced, easy read that drew me in quickly. Granted, it was considered YA, but I really enjoyed it. This book, his first "adult novel" in eight years, was a slog to get through. With not much plot, it was a jargon-filled, idea-driven novel that regularly lost me throughout the book. At times, it was like reading non-fiction in dialogue form. Sprinkled in were heavy battle scenes with acronyms and futuristic tech. By reading other reviews, I found out that a lot of the jargon and acronyms came from video games. Even having finished the book, I still don't know what pnwing means. And he used it a lot. I guess I wasn't Doctorow's target audience.

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