Then Will the Great Ocean Wash Deep Above

Ian Sales
Then Will the Great Ocean Wash Deep Above Cover

Then Will the Great Ocean Wash Deep Above


This set of loosely-interrelated alt-future stories consists of 3 novellas, around 70 pages each, followed by a short novel of about 140 pages, all of which posit an Earth where NASA's Apollo Program went on longer than it did in ours.

I really enjoyed these stories. I give the first 3 in the series a very solid 4 stars. The fourth, which tells the story of a science-fiction writer who is also the wife of an astronaut on an Earth where science fiction writing and reading is chiefly the domain of women, is unfortunately frequently disrupted by authorly inserts which (IMO) break the flow and the readability of the story, and I would say that 3.5 stars is generous -- but the story is still worth reading.

The novellas include "appendices" which contain some fact and some alt-future fiction, and should not be ignored. One novella has an important coda following the appendix which might be easily missed.