The Synapse Sequence

Daniel Godfrey
The Synapse Sequence Cover

The Synapse Sequence


I was not expecting to be as blown away by this novel as I was.
It features a protagonist who has been unfairly condemned and vilified by society for doing her job well -- the result of which was providing evidence that was used as a justification for a horrible international war.

Now she seeks to redeem herself by her involvement with a new technology which enables her to step into the conglomerated memories of witnesses to a crime, to determine what actually happened and why.

But in a high-tech society where everyone is constantly watched through implanted sensors, where the wealthy 1% own and run everything, AIs make most of the decisions, and humans struggle to find purpose in a world where automation has rendered most people unnecessary and unneeded, the anger and bitterness and helplessness felt by most becomes a prison with no escape.

Her latest case appears to be a low-priority assault for which the victim now lies in a coma -- but there is far more going on than is first apparent, putting her in much greater danger than she realizes.

I thought this was a great book, touching on many of our society's looming concerns, and really recommend it.