Scott Thomas
Violet Cover


Graham Vingoe

This review is based upon an advanced proof copy provided by the publishers and Netgalley and is not influenced by this in any way.

I have to say that I was extremely pleased to get a proof of this as I've had Kill Creek on my to read list for ages and not got round to purchasing/ borrowing a copy. Pleased to say that overall Violet is well worth it. Thomas spends a large part of the book setting the scene, introducing characters and outlining the setting. My main crirticism of this draft is that it does seem to take ages for anything to happen and you need to have a bit of patience to get through the seemingly endless scenes of Kris and Sadie cleaning the House where most of the action is set.

Once through this section, the tension and then the action begins to ramp up really well so by the time we get to find out exactly what is going on, the reader is well and truly hooked. Thomas does have fun subverting certain character cliches along the way ( especially when it comes to the bookstore owner and Ben the policeman) but the focus is definitely on lead character Kris and her daughter Sadie.

One word of advice, the blurb does not say why the book is called Violet, or who/what Violet is. I'm not going to say either- it works much better finding out as you and Kris go.

A very strong horror novel all-round and worth buying when its released.