Europe in Winter

Dave Hutchinson
Europe in Winter Cover

Europe in Winter


The third book in Dave Hutchinson's Fractured Europe series, Europe in Winter continues the adventures of Rudi, 'the former chef-turned-spy.' It begins with a deadly terrorist attack on a train and ends with a staggering "sleight of hand" at a major international airport. In between, the author takes us on a snaking journey around Eastern Europe as we meet a motley cast of characters who could be working for any side. Confused yet? You will be!

This is not a book which can be read standalone. It is essential you first read Hutchinson's earlier novels Europe in Autumn (2014) and Europe at Midnight (2015), especially the first one. (I'd recommend reading them both anyway because they are fascinating stories.) Familiarity with the world Hutchinson has built in these books will make for a much richer reading experience.


Despite enjoying this story, I found it a little disappointing when compared to the previous two. Out of the first three "Europe" books, I enjoyed Europe at Midnight the most. Probably because it can standalone as a very cool sci-fi thriller. I am now tempted to laugh in the face of my TBR mountain and buy Hutchinson's latest book Europe at Dawn. I don't expect everything to be tied up in a neat little bow, but I am sure it will be a very entertaining ride with some great food and sly humour.

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