Charles Stross
Glasshouse Cover



With mind uploading, matter duplication, and computer worms that infect the human brain, this is mostly space opera, right up to the convenient ending. The writing is rough and characterizations of women even worse, and it took far too long to read.

The universe of this stand alone novel seems to be familiar to the author, though I haven't read anything from it. As a standalone novel, it is rough going at times, and I had to reread sections to understand the bits of history provided under the assumption that they were relevant. The writing is uneven, and the main character uses the majority of opportunities letting us know she doesn't like being female. This is set in a future with new time units, but the author slips back into archaic units often. Perhaps an editor could help?

The novel had bits of humor, and references to popular culture, from Zimbardo and Milgram to Leonard Cohen to the Prisoner. These references aren't subtle, striking the reader like a hammer at inconvenient times. Be seeing you, indeed. 2 stars (out of 5).