Lyonesse II

Jack Vance
Lyonesse II Cover

Lyonesse II: The Green Pearl


The cast of characters grows only a little, as this novel was clearly meant to be read in series with the first. Interesting adventures with both suspense and humor, along with creative magic. Also, another planet (dimension?) expands the world even more.

It has been 6 years since I read the first, and the people mentioned in the beginning were a bit confusing. The story wasn't - the tale of the cursed green pearl, causing trouble and mischief wherever it lands. That little pearl shows up throughout the story, trapped at the end - but what will book three bring?

As to that, I will dive straight into it. This is good for my goal of finishing series, and so far this one is worthy of a reread, maybe a decade hence. A company called The Design Mechanism announced a role playing game based on Lyonesse, probably tied in to their Mythic Britain and others using Runequest. That is also quite interesting - though it isn't available yet.

Back to this book (and series), so far it has been very good, and recommended. I look forward to reading more Jack Vance after I finish this series - whether Dying Earth or another is still undecided.