The Lights in the Sky are Stars

Fredric Brown
The Lights in the Sky are Stars Cover

The Lights in the Sky are Stars


Brown's novel, written in the early nineteen fifties, impresses with its accurate depiction of technology for solar system exploration. The narrative, set from 1998 to 2001, feels surprisingly current. Brown's understanding that the initial eagerness would slow down but not dissipate until after the Mars and Venus exploration is a testament to his meticulous research.

The social structure and character interaction are very 1950s, with the notable exception of one black character who is very much an equal and a natural part of the social group.

Much of the novel is spent developing the political considerations for approving and funding the next big mission. This is very well done. It also was a caveat why this is not one of my favorite Sci-Fi novels. I very much enjoyed the story, but this is not why I read Sci-Fi.