Lois McMaster Bujold
Barrayar Cover



Published 5 years later, this follows from the first novel in this universe. It continues the story of Aral and Cordelia, and gives an explanation for the challenges of Miles life.

The first part of the novel establishes life in a foreign country (for Cordelia) and includes many foreign (and borderline barbaric) customs. This is important for the series, and somewhat important for this story - but it is also a bit slow. The action really gets rolling halfway through with a coup, and Cordelia's personal adventure adds to that excitement. My copy of the book ends with an author interview.

I read the first published book in the series 7 years ago, and three more in the last few years. I've stuck to neither chronological nor publishing order, and probably won't moving forward. While none of the books have floored me for a 5 star rating, each so far has rated 4 stars - this is a pretty solid series. I've read both this and Ethan of Athos this year as part of a challenge to read three from Lois McMaster Bujold. My plan is to read a book of short stories next - perhaps Dreamweavers Dilemma, published five years after this novel.