We Are All Completely Fine

Daryl Gregory
We Are All Completely Fine Cover

We Are All Completely Fine


This is the third Daryl Gregory book I have read and I must say I am smitten with his work. I mean I have a very bad case of the "smit" with his writing. We Are All Completely Fine is another success in my opinion.

The story is based characters introduced in Harrison Squared, which I have not read yet, but based on this novella will in the very near future. The story is about what happens when survivors of supernatural attacks come together in a support group. Now this is not set in a world where the supernatural is aknowledged and accepted, but in this world. It is sad and funny and creepy and scary often at the same time. That is why this story is so good.

This won the 2014 Shirley Jackson award for Novellas.