Blue and Gold

K. J. Parker
Blue and Gold Cover

Blue and Gold


K.J. Parker's specialty is faux-history fantasies set in a world which resembles Earth in the Age of Antiquity, and they all feature a clever but morally-ambiguous, unreliable narrator, a mystery, and one or more plot twists and surprise reveals.

This trilogy details the exploits of the philosopher-alchemist Saloninus, an inveterate liar, thief, and con-man. In this first story, he is the pampered "guest" of an autocratic ruler who makes great demands of alchemists, and when they deliver their discoveries, kills them. Saloninus must use his wits to conjure not just base elements into gold, but a way out for himself that will leave him free and prosperous.

Readers who enjoy twisty, turny stories where nothing is as it seems will likely find these novellas engaging.