The Forever Machine

Frank Riley, Mark Clifton
The Forever Machine Cover

Propagandistic Piffle


This is another propaganda/recruiting piece trying and failing to pass itself off as a novel to sucker in the unsuspecting. Don't waste your time.


Chaotically voiced because there were two authors.

More plot holes than the number it would take to fill the Albert Hall.

An ending that leaves far more interesting questions unanswered than the ones the author's asked from the beginning.

Cliched, hollow, inconsistent, uninteresting characters.

Preachy, pompous and irrelevant discourses on the evils of psychiatry and how it oppresses humanity. Seriously? A doctrine not even a half-century old is the reason all human kind is crippled mentally and emotionally?

Barely readable garbage. Pick another of the nealy limitless works of SF to fill your time and your imagination.