Space Platform

Murray Leinster
Space Platform Cover

Space Platform


Leinster goes into deep detail about how one country will develop a Space Platform (what we call a space station) and with it guarantee the safety and security of the world. Of course, there are innumerable unnamed opponents of this awesome plan, who are able to sabatoge the project with near impunity.

Enter our hero, whose inherent genius, combined with the intelligence of his motley crew, serve to advance the project immesurably. The random men he chooses to be his allies/assistants/crew are of questionable quality and training, but rise to the occasion again and again.

This story is now quite dated, as it talks about the first steps into space and how they would happen, politically, financially, and technologically. His guesses are at times on the money, and at times hilariously wide of the mark.

To be read by those who like Leinster's style of storytelling and those who want to see how the future looked to an American writer in the 1950s.

Followed by a sequel where the intrepid hero and his crew travel to the moon.