Seal of the Worm

Adrian Tchaikovsky
Seal of the Worm Cover

Oh, Adrian...


I have rushed through this series -- OK, I read fast -- because of the steady, inexorable build-up through the books of Something Dreadful This Way Comes.

And it did: The Worm. Nastiest community in the worlds of the Apt; isolated for over a thousand years in the dark, until a petulant Empress unleashes them inadvertently (not a spoiler; read the previous book!).

Adrian Tchaikovsky then proceeds to run his character list down ruthlessly, until he really does get to GRRM-level culling. Noooooooo, I would say to myself, as another bit the dust, got shot in one of several ways, fell out of the sky, was eaten by a centipede....

But a satisfactory ending to a monumental series -- which I will remember forever. Sadly, which is why the 4 stars, and not 5.