A Wizard's Guide To Defensive Baking

T. Kingfisher
A Wizard's Guide To Defensive Baking Cover

A Wizard's Guide To Defensive Baking


I was first introduced to T. Kingfisher under her real name, Ursula Vernon. She wrote the brilliant web-comic Digger, which won the Mythopoeic Award when it was published in its omnibus edition. This book is almost as good. It's a YA novel that's pretty dark for the subgenre, but highly entertaining. It's well-written, fast-paced, and has a good lesson or two in it. It's very timely in its depiction of a group of people who are marginalized, ostracized, and hunted down. But it's one of these people who ends up saving the day. It won several awards including the 2020 Andrew Norton Award and the 2021 Locus Young Adult Award.

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