John Wyndham
Chocky Cover



This is a fairly short book, told from a father's perspective. Son Matthew goes beyond having an imaginary friend, and the occasional anguish is plain in the writing. The ending makes the book.

I really liked the interactions with Chocky. The emphasis is all on the father's interaction, but I wonder that there isn't a slightly different story from the mother's (or sister's) perspective. The reporters come off as suitably irritating, and the government folks as suitably creepy.

Originally published in 1963 as a story (novelette), it was expanded some for release in 1968. The gender roles of the time are evident, but not overly emphasized. Like many of Wyndham's other books, the BBC has made radio and television adaptations of this story, none of which I have seen. It has been a year of reading John Wyndham for me; looking forward to more of his tales soon.