Brian W. Aldiss
Non-Stop Cover

Despite all my rage I'm still just a Psychic Bunny in a cage


The core premis of this story is not unfamiliar. Our hero lives in an oppressive society and has always believed there is more to life and that he, himself, has some higher, yet unidentifiable, purpose. So, he bravely ventures out and eventually comes to find that the world is more than he was made to believe as is his place within it.

Specific to "non-stop", the hero is one of many unknowingly stuck aboard an ark like spaceship. Generations ago humans traveled to colonize a distant planet. Those who retuirned to Earth went through a genetic mutation brought on by a virus, or parasite or something. As a result of their changes they are unable to leave the ship and live on Earth, yet they don't' know this. The lead character Roy Complain leads us through the tale of how the inhabitants of the ship come to realize their actual situation.

That's kinda it.....

Throw in some clever Rats, Giants that aren't really giants, Pyschic Bunnies, less psychic moths and a few Ray Guns and you've got non-stop.

Most of the big reveals you figure out for yourself well before they come. The more twisted and interesting aspects of the book... such as the highly evolved rats and their psychic slaves... actually get second billing to a less compelling main story.

Of the characters offerred there are only two, really, that you get to know. The lead, Roy Complain, and Marapper the priest. Marapper is far more interesting. Complain kinda just runs around all book long trying to supress his anger and libido. His development isn't very deep. Certainly not as deep as his love intrest Laur Vyann beieves it to be.

It's a fun book I suppose. It moves well enough, it's just nothing special. If someone were to ask me should they read it, I would probably say no. Certainly I wouldn't reccomend it unsolicited. This isn't a bad book, or a bad story. It's well written and I would, perhaps, read Aldiss again..... It's just nothing special. Ceertainly far less than I expected.