The Currents of Space

Isaac Asimov
The Currents of Space Cover

The Currents of Space


The last (written) in the Galactic Empire Trilogy, the Currents of Space is fun, well written and well worth the read.

The story takes place 500 years into the forming of the Galctic Empire on two planets, both of which are still independent. The Squires of Sark have enslaved the Florians and forced them to harvest the kyrt whcih grows exclusively on Florina. The tremendous value of the kyrt has given the Sarkites tremendous wealth at the expense of the Florinians.

The stroy centers around a spatio-analyst who happens upon some grave information regarding Florinia which threatens the balance of power between the two planets, as well as, Trantor and the entire galactic empire.

Again, it's a good story, and I enjoyed it very much. It's pure Asimov. Plenty of interesting characters, a few plot twists and some not so subtle messages which still ring true even today.

I would reccomend this book for sure.