Among Others

Jo Walton
Among Others Cover

A Fantasy of Science Fiction


Among Others is an unusual book targeted towards a specific audience. The story, told through Morwenna's journal, is a kind of slice-of-life fantasy story about a teenage science fiction fan searching for a community in which she feels she belongs. Along the way, Mori constantly discusses the many science fiction novels she's read (mostly 1960s/1970s SF), in a way that will likely be charming to some readers and off-putting to others. The magic in the story is "always deniable", where successful spells can easily be explained away by coincidence. I loved how this created an ambiguity about whether the magic was real, or it was just the frame Mori used to make sense of her life. Despite differences in the specific circumstances, this story resonated well with me, and I think it will also resonate with many other fans of science fiction.

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