Tim Powers
Declare Cover

Historical, Supernatural Spy Games


Declare is both a spy novel about WWII and the Cold War and a fantasy, and the two elements intertwine surprisingly well. The plot is intricate and filled with careful manipulation, violence, shifting loyalties, and even romance. The magic was not flashy or frivolous, but dangerous, poorly understood, and incredibly eerie. The deadly, enigmatic djinn, also referred to as fallen angels, are at the heart of a secret Cold War, fought through the schemes and many-layered betrayals of the British, French and Soviet spies.

The level of period detail and meticulous scenery is amazing, and the djinn magic was deeply unsettling. I feel like it's obvious that a tremendous amount of work went into the creation of this novel, and I think it definitely paid off in the end. It's not exactly light reading, but I think that this richly imagined historical fantasy is well worth the time and effort.

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