Joe Haldeman
Camouflage Cover

I'm now a Haldeman fan

Deven Science

I've now read three Joe Haldeman novels. The first one I read, Forever War, I did not like very much. It showed its age, seeming very dated.

But The Accidental Time Machine, and now Camouflage have shown me another side, and I would now say that I am a fan.

Camouflage jumps between the near future, and the early 20th Century, as we follow two ancient alien visitors that have been living on Earth for generations, and the humans that have discovered something that belongs to one of them. The discovery sets off a chain reaction that could be a great first contact, or a deadly trap.

I especially enjoyed the points of view of the two aliens. Different species, though with many similarities, one called the Changling sees the best and worst of Man, yet feels that they are basically good. The other, called the Chameleon, doesn't care whether they are good or bad. He only knows that he likes war, and will jump to whichever side will let him inflict his cruelties.

It's a good book, and it all leads to a satisfying, though almost too brief, conclusion.

I gave it a 4 out of 5 stars.