The Wise Man's Fear

Patrick Rothfuss
The Wise Man's Fear Cover

The Wise Man's Fear


I read The Name of the Wind because of this comic by Greg Dean about its sequel, The Wise Man's Fear. I loved the book nearly as much as Dean did, so I couldn't wait to pick up the sequel (for cheap). So when I got a gift certificate to my favorite bookstore I picked it up and started right away.

It is the second day of story telling in the inn. In the story Kvothe is still in school, still poor, still banned from the Archives etc. He tells about his school time, his focus on naming, his quest to learn more about the Chandrian, his love for Denna, his way of getting into trouble, his luck of getting out of it, and more. Meanwhile at the inn they are dealing with the aftermath of the attack and Kvothe's sulkiness.

The book did not disappoint. While my memory for books is notoriously bad, I believe this book gave me the same joy when reading it as the first one. Yes, this book is not perfect (many reviews say the same thing, especially this one), but it is fun. I loved it. Five out of five stars.