Among Others

Jo Walton
Among Others Cover

Among Others


I'm writing this pretty much immediately after completing the book and that may not be the brightest of things because I'm still a bit shell shocked in putting it all together and collecting my thoughts. It's a good book, its amazing, and I wish I had kept track of the mentions of books with what had been said because the main character lists off books she's reading like its her job and its awesome. She references so many works that I've read and enjoyed and so many that she compliments as well that I wish I had kept track. Yes there are lists on the internet, but they don't include the text that gave the reference. What she stated in what was basically a recommendation was very important and I feel like I will need to dig through the text again soon so I can take advantage.

As for the book, the book is a fantasy that really tries hard to just be a normal book and has to deal with the fact that its a fantasy. Like everything in it has gained enough maturity to realize the faults in fantasy and want to surpass them but realizes that it has to do many things before it can and falls back into the fantasy world.

So many things are confused and the book is left letting you think possibly most of it was symbolism, which obviously no matter what it still is and the metaphors abound, but the "realistic" truth is evaded and makes you wonder. Some may say that Wim's experience belays the validity of the moments, but even then I wonder if its just indulgence just a bit. Not entirely certain, but almost sure that its not... the nagging doubt remains though.

All in all I enjoyed it, and I think if you enjoy SF/F books/world, that you will enjoy this book strictly on the fact that you will find someone you commiserate with and want to share their experience.