Kim Stanley Robinson
2312 Cover



I learned a lot of things while reading 2312 by Kim Stanley Robinson, which I can't say for most books I read. Usually, I can walk away from a novel feeling enriched by the characters, or impressed by the imaginative range of the author, but this book greatly improved my understanding in multiple real-world fields. It made me appreciate what a fiction novel can accomplish in its scale, and what information it can pass on to its readers. This story explores engineering, biology and biochemistry, economics, sociology, environmentalism, astronomy (of course), etc. I was so impressed with the scope of the novel, I had to look up Mr. Robinson's educational background, and I realize that a Ph.D. in English is nothing to scoff at, but it hardly explains the magnitude of this writer's knowledge. The man must swim in a pool filled with peer-reviewed, scholarly journals from every field.

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