Stephen King
Insomnia Cover



I read this book a long time ago in the mid nineties. So to write this review I re-read a few sections ad was surprised at how some of the story is linked into The Dark Tower books. The Crimson King is certainly a bigger character in this book than in The Dark Tower but it shows how Stephen King has used so much of his early ideas in later works.

For me when I orginally purchased and read this I found it to be a new run of Stephen King books which moved away from the horror he had been doing. Four books - Geralds Gmae, Dolores Claiborne, Insomnia and Rose Madder all dealt with forms of abuse and other subjects that are sensitive. In Insomnia part of this story dealt with abortion.

The main character Ralph I really enjoyed reading about and understood the pain he was going through. Lois was also a engaging character. It took a while to fully understand the made up characters of death that appeared but it added to the story and takes you into the more creative side of horror and fiction which is something I love.

Avery good story and something to really get your teeth into. As often with Stephen King books quite lengthy, somewhere about 600-700 pages.