The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms

N. K. Jemisin
The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms Cover

The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms - meh


2011 Hugo nominee The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms by N. K. Jemison has so much untapped potential for a great story. A story about a diverse world of people who have enslaved their gods, set in an expansive fantasy world of medieval style monarchies.

Enslaved gods? I love blasphemy. Sign me up.

But then you get the whole story told from the point-of-view of a sullen nineteen-year-old monarch from a matriarchal warrior clan who is summoned to join a contest of power in the most powerful kingdom, by virtue of her dead, mysterious mother's family relations. And, predictably, the girl gets a crush on the dangerous and brooding Darklord. And, of course, he likes her, too, but only when he's not trying to crush her throat during foreplay.

What is it they say? Great idea, but poorly executed. Click the link below for my full review!