The Family Trade

Charles Stross
The Family Trade Cover

The Family Trade


Miriam Beckstein is a thirty year old financial reporter. She uncovers a money laundering scheme and gets fired and her life thretened. Then her adopted mother gives her a locket that transporst her to another Earth a mediaeval planet where she is a Countess in a Clan of robber barons who use their world crossing powers for wealth and politicl power. Suddenly everyone is out to kill her and she is embroiled in a web of plots and counter plots. To survive she needs to start an economic revolution and bring the aleternate Earth into the 21st century.

A little old fashioned but very well done with shades of Zelazny and Poul Anderson.

Apparently the series is a favorite of economist Paul Krugman for the way it outlines the start of capitalism in a mercantile economy.