Toll the Hounds

Steven Erikson
Toll the Hounds Cover

Toll the Hounds - Steven Erikson


So how do were do we rank this effort in Erikson's Malazan series? Opinions are going to be split on this novel. It is probably the most intricately plotted novel Erikson has delivered yet, on the other hand it does miss the rush of a military campaign and large scale battles. Personally I think Reaper's Gale and Memories of Ice are better reads but not by much. Part of that is probably the return to the location where the story started. With much of the city set in Darujhistan, where much of Gardens of the Moon is set, puts the reader on familiar ground. Where Erikson likes to throw the reader right in the middle of the story without much in the way of an explanation this book felt familiar to an extend. Until you realize half just how large the cast actually is anyway. Toll of the Hounds is a very interesting read, I'm looking forward to finding out how Erikson means to wrap things up in the last two novels in this series.

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