Kim Stanley Robinson
2312 Cover

2312 - This is why I read genre


2312 is why I read Science Fiction. It is at once ruminative, delicate, tasteful, bold, balanced, hopeless, positive, philosophical, painted, patient, and beautiful.

What you get is the authentic development of a fantastical scenario.

Plenty of movement. No teleportation.

Learned a lot of science, art history, science fiction, interplanetary geography, musicology, biology, AI, speciation, and quantum physics.

Humanity is a position to choose, but cannot. Sense of immaturity, rebellion, and doing things because we can. Dismay at getting what is needed. Reliance on technology out of human control. Sinister plot creating havoc.

Nature of consciousness, laughter, simplicity. Untamed unknown hostility. Futility.

Plot is character and event driven. Interesting use of time. Does not scale. Time-lines, lists, extracts. Piling on and on. Mind-bending elements included. Scope is broad and yet the story unfolds intimately.

Plot drags at times only to be playing with a surfacing metaphor. Gives the feeling that the author is enjoying the ride. Feeling that major plot elements were mainly a build-up to 'play' a certain melody at a specific galactic setting. Entire novel seems to play like this. Bigger purpose, development of scenes and situations is quick, overall progress slow, time passes without the readers knowledge.Will re-read in 5 years.