Lilith's Brood

Octavia E. Butler
Lilith's Brood Cover

Lilith's Brood


This trilogy, (Dawn, Adulthood Rites, and Imago - collectively known as Lilith's Brood), is a remarkable piece of work. Labeled as science fiction, it really transcends the genre.

Set against a future tapestry where humanity has all but destroyed the Earth and itself, these stories are, at their core, an exploration of the human condition. Shifting from a human perspective in the first book to an alien perspective in the third book, we find an examination of the unwilling integration of one species with another. An assimilation of those without power or choice by those who hold an overwhelming technological and physical advantage.

Unlike most stories about alien invasion, this is not a hostile takeover tale. The fact that the assimilation is performed in the spirit of 'trade', and with empathy and love, makes it ultimately that much more horrifying.