Honor Among Thieves

James S. A. Corey
Honor Among Thieves Cover

Honor Among Thieves


Delightful, first Star Wars novel featuring original series characters I've read in over a decade.

Excellent dialogue, draws on the strength of the set character types.

At times glossy and at a forced pace (no pun intended).

There is little to no depth other than character recognition within the Extended Universe, which is also the books biggest strength: locations, ships, species, technologies, and places can all be found on the Internet.

I really enjoyed the characterization of Han Solo in particular who had the traits of the movie characters and was very entertaining. No doubt part of the reason why Extended Universe books are so hugely popular within the fan community.

What this novel does well in particular is to fill out the characters of the popular movie personalities.

Ending was a rather cliche Star Wars close and somewhat unsatisfactory considering we already know that all of the main characters will survive.