Naamah's Kiss

Jacqueline Carey
Naamah's Kiss  Cover

Naamah's Kiss - Jacqueline Carey


...All in all I thought this book was a whole lot better than the previous three books. Unlike Imriel, Moirin is a very likeable character. She's impulsive, inquisitive and smart (and also unreasonably gifted in the language department but let's not get into that), a very lively character. Namaah's Kiss misses the dark, somewhat threatening, presence of Kushiel. A change in atmosphere that may take some getting used to for some readers. I think this shift in time frame and atmosphere has done the series a lot of good though. A fresh start is what the series needed and a fresh start is what Carey delivers. Let's hope she can keep moving away from the low that was Kushiel's Mercy.

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