Snow Crash

Neal Stephenson
Snow Crash Cover

Packed with Action and Fun Ideas


Snow Crash, published in 1992, gives an intriguing vision of the future. While Snow Crash has become pretty dated, I think that Stephenson got enough right, or close to right, to keep discussions of his envisioned future technology interesting. The story itself is packed with over-the-top characters and cartoonish action sequences. From master swordsman, hacker, and pizza deliveryman Hiro, to highway skateboarding Y.T., to nuclear warhead-wielding Raven, the characters make up for in height what they lack in depth. The ideas about ancient Sumerian hackers of human minds and neurolinguistic viruses are farfetched, but interesting. However, constantly jumping between the high-energy action and quiet discussions of Sumeria led to some uneven pacing. For the most part, Snow Crash is a fun, clever story that never takes itself too seriously.

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