Alas, Babylon

Pat Frank
Alas, Babylon Cover

Alas, Babylon


Alas, Babylon is a good book. In 1959 there is a nuclear war. It is classified as science fiction, but it shouldn't be. It is fiction, but the science isn't fictional. It could have happened. A lot of people were scared to death that it would happen. In 1962, it maybe almost did happen. Remember the Cuban Missile Crisis?

I read the Kindle version. It had obviously been converted by Optical Character Recognition without having been well proofread. There are incessant annoying little typos like tour instead of four, eve instead of eye, ear instead of car. It was a minor irritant but it really didn't spoil the book.

Alas, Babylon is in the same ilk as [book:On the Beach|38180], but with a much more hopeful outlook.