The Mote in God's Eye

Larry Niven, Jerry Pournelle
The Mote in God's Eye Cover

The Mote in God's Eye


I thoroughly enjoyed this first contat novel,which gathered momentum after a rather slow start and soon had me gripped and turning the pages as human struggled to understand the Moties,a vey intelligent and cunning race indeed. The Moties were devious and ruthless,but we were made to understand the imperatives caused by their biology and history. Full of plot twist and fast paced,this is a fun read about interesting aliens,but of course as is usual in this sort of book,the characters are rather stereotypical and shallow but adequate for the story.All impossibly honourable and courageous of course

Why is the genre of military SF so fixaed on kingdoms,aristocracies etc though? Especially among American writers,who have odd ideas about monarchies which at least add extra amusement for a Brit!.

All in all,a fun read with excellent aliens.Read for the YA challenge