The Magician's Land

Lev Grossman
The Magician's Land Cover

The Magician's Land - good end to a great series


I really liked this series, and it came to a really pretty good ending. It wasn't perfect (i won't spoil anything), as a few dicisions he made I wouldn't have, but the tone and resolution fit in with what had come before, and there was a nice balance between new things, surprises, and bringing things back and bringing them to a conclusion that I didn't even expect!

The best thing, perhaps, is that Mr. Grossman stayed true to the style that has made this series pretty great all along: raw, snarky, comic writing, but with a soul open to all of the nagging questions we all have about life and what it's all about. Magic existing or not, there are still universal problems about how to live life that his characters all come to grips with. In some ways, this series does it better than any other fantasy books I can think of.