Carl Sagan
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This book will be mine! I said. when I first spotted it. Fantastic read. The agency called SETI, Search for Extraterrestrial intelligence, after many years of active looking into the space at last found aliens on the Star, Vega. The scientists checked thousand times. They made no mistake. They ARE extraterrestrials.

The way the aliens presented themselves shocked many people. They showed us the 1938 German Olympics Opening ceremony by Adolf Hitler. Some even claimed that Hitler is alive! he's living in the distant star Vega. And He's going to return to Earth and make things right with the help of aliens' military technology.... But the scientist explained that it's just the 1938 first TV broadcast from Germany that reached the Vega and Veganians after 25 years of running from Earth with the speed of light.

The Veganians just caught the TV signal, analyzed it and thought there's an intelligent life in Earth so they broadcast it back to Earth to let us know that they exist in Vega and they are intelligent too. They didn't know of course what a bad guy Hitler was.

With the broadcast came a message, to be exact a code, how to build a space machine so that we could visit their world. The scientists from the USA, USSR, Japan, Europe and India started to build that machine. At least, of sheer curiosity, just to see what happens. The 5 scientist from every participant country were in the machine when the time has finally come to activate it.

The moment it activated these five scientist travelled through space and time. Aliens showed them almost the religious miracles. They saw their long dead relatives. They knew that in universe exist a lot of intelligent civilizations. They are making and building galaxies. They use black holes like we use screwdrivers. They learnt that there was a super intelligent civilization that lived even before Big Bang.