Larry Niven
Ringworld Cover



I really enjoyed this novel. There are many thing to like about it. A very interesting group of central characters. The two aliens in particular made me think quite a lot to imagine what they would look like and then there is the culture and beliefs they have, all in all pretty challenging to follow.

Then there is all the technical and scientific stuff that is going on. I am becoming used to some of this now as this is my tenth SF novel, however some of it still perplexs me.

The future earth was intersting. I absolutley loved the ringworld and the vast distances involved. The flycycles are a great idea.

The only disappointing thing for me was that when on the ringworld we never got to the rim. This was spoken of very early on but we just did not get to it. I did not realise this would not happen til very late on in the book. This did a couple of things for me , first like I mentioned it was a disappointment, secondly I the realised there are further books in this series. So am looking forward to seeing more of ringworld and hopefully more kzin and puppeteers.