Fight Club

Chuck Palahniuk
Fight Club Cover

Fight Club


First off, I haven't seen the film. Many reviews say the movie was better than the book; I am guessing that it is certainly easier to relate to.

The original short story was Chapter 6, and is decent enough. The chapters added before that are fair to good, building groundwork and laying out interesting characters. Setting up the first chapter as the ending is nothing new, but it works.

The chapters added after wander, twist and muddle. The ending is not in sight until the very end, and in fact could have been missed completely. Put a different way, the building up of the highly regimented anarchist movement is good stuff; the earlier groundwork and characters are mostly ignored. This leaves our protagonists flat and their situations tedious. As to the overall philosophy, for me much of the subtlety is lost in the slog.

I read this during Banned Books week. This book was banned in China in 1999 for giving instructions on how to make various explosive devices, and these instructions are likely correct, given the author's membership in the Cacophony Society.