Fight Club

Chuck Palahniuk
Fight Club Cover

Fight Club


I really don't know why this book is in the WWE database. It isn't any more in the fantasy genre than Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho.

Two prior WWE reviews of Fight Club are:
Deven Science: Go read this. Right now.
ThomasBa2: Three words: Piece of shit.
Both are valid.

Before reading it, all I knew of Fight Club was the movie trailers, and I had been told that it was all in his head. The namless first person narrator has a warped sense of being. His sanity isn't on the same level as ours, as a normal person. He's not likeable - it's hard to identify with him. It was because of the promise of a psychological twist and the fact that it is classified asa fantasy that I didn't abandon this book fairly early on. It just seemd like the ramblings of a sick guy. Then, finally, about three fourths of the way through, the psycho aspect starts to show itself. Stick with this piece of shit - it's worth reading.