The Slow Regard of Silent Things

Patrick Rothfuss
The Slow Regard of Silent Things Cover

The Slow Regard of Silent Things


There are things you will have already heard about this book. You will have heard--because who does such a thing?! oh my! oh scandal!--that Patrick Rothfuss prefaces The Slow Regard of Silent Things (DAW, 2014) by telling you that you probably aren't going to like it, that you should probably go read something else. You will have heard that it isn't the third Kingkiller/Kvothe book for which you have been waiting so patiently for so long. You may have even heard that this book is a little weird.

But there are things you probably haven't heard--because no one seems to be saying them (yet) (on the sites I read). So here we are. Even though this is a book blog that aims to put the spotlight on women and PoC and diversity in authors and books, and reviewing Patrick Rothfuss, a best seller and a white hetero dude, doesn't really play into that. But you know what? This book needs a Feminist Geek Review. Because it's beautiful and I loved it, but fucking hell, Pat, issues.

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