Magic Kingdom For Sale - SOLD!

Terry Brooks
Magic Kingdom For Sale - SOLD! Cover

Magic Kingdom For Sale - SOLD!


I read Magic Kingdom for Sale - Sold by Terry Brooks for the first time around age 10 or so. And I loved it. I loved it so much I named my Hamster "Abernathy" after the talking dog in the novel. Now reading it 30 years later, I still enjoyed the novel, but am able to see some of the cracks in the writing.

I can see how the premise of the novel would have appealed to the 10 year old me. I still remember waiting every year for the Sears Christmas Wish Book to come in. I would pour over the pages circling items I wanted, wishing I could get the items in there. Is it any wonder that a novel about buying a fairytale kingdom from one of these wish book would appeal to me? Reading the novel as an adult brought me back to those days and the wish book. But there was so much more to the book. The real story begins after Ben Holiday gets to the land of Landover.

i still enjoyed this novel rereading it after so many years. The troubles in the kingdom hold more interest to me now than they did in the past. I found the humor in the novel that I failed to notice as a child. I really loved the "G'home Gnomes this time. I found them the most interesting characters.

Reading this novel now I have to wonder how and why I did not read the second book in the series. This was clearly not a stand alone novel. Although I would no longer characterize this book as a 5 star novel. It is still good enough for me to want to read the next novel in the series The Black Unicorn.

I'm giving this novel 4 out of 5 stars 3 stars for the book and 1 additional star for my beloved hamster who passed of old age in 1992 after years of toilet paper tubes and weekly pen cleanings. I'll always love you Abernathy.