The Night Eternal

Guillermo del Toro, Chuck Hogan
The Night Eternal Cover

The Night Eternal


This novel ended with both a bang and a whimper. I could have done without the Epilogue. I'm not sure it really added to the story. That being said, I was very satisfied with the way Mr. del Toro and Mr. Hogan ended this series. The religious undertones which had been flitting throughout the novel came to roost in a big way in this novel, that will be a turn off for some, but I thought it was a nice way to end.

Because the novel starts 2 years after the end of the second book, our characters have changed, some for the good and some not. During these two our characters change in unexpected ways some grow through the struggle while others are ground down by it. None more so than Eph Goodweather. In the previous book Eph was a fighter, a man of science who was determined to find a way to destroy the plague on his city and country, but with the death of his mentor in the fight , and the destruction of the Ancients and the resulting nuclear winter, not to mention the kidnapping of his son by the Master, Eph is a broken man. A drunk and a drug addict who seems to be seeking his own death but unwilling to take that final plunge as long as there is still the slightest chance that his son might still be alive. It was quite a bit of writing skills to make him both repulsive and sympathetic as a character. del Toro and Hogan manage to do just that.

I am very glad I read this series and I look forward to watching the FX series when season 2 comes back this summer.