Forever Peace

Joe Haldeman
Forever Peace Cover

Forever Peace


This book felt like two separate novels. The first half is about the main character, Julian Class, and his role in the war as a mechanic for a weapon called the soldierboy. The soldierboy is operated by a soldier connected through a mental link with the weapon. It's a great technological concept. However, I was bored with the battle scenes. I realize the point of the battle scenes is to give you an understanding of the theory of how the soldier becomes telepathically linked to the soldierboy and its effects on the soldier. However, it quickly bored me.

Fortunately, the second half of the novel takes a very different turn. Julian discovers that the same process used to link a soldier with a soldierboy, if carried further, turns humans in to peace-loving, non-violent beings. And the government and crazed radical cults don't like that. I read through this part voraciously, loving the tension, and the race to find a way to make a permanently peaceful Earth.

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