Lyonesse II

Jack Vance
Lyonesse II Cover

Lyonesse II: The Green Pearl


I enjoyed The Green Pearl more than I expected. I had liked Suldrun's Garden enough that I was at least interested in reading its sequel, but it hadn't really grabbed me, and I'd left it way too long before picking up The Green Pearl.

I knew it would be told in Vance's unusual storyteller voice, with long tangents and plenty of incident packed into very little space, and I wasn't sure I was really in that kind of mood, but once I got going I found that I enjoyed it a great deal. The economy of prose meant the book could be picked up and a complete incident could be read in very little time. I think the overall arc of the story was a bit more to my liking, this time, too. Once again we follow the political and magical travails of this mythical extra part of Europe, with its own particulate flavour and Vance's unique imagination.

I must read the third one while this is still relatively fresh in my mind.