The Drowned Cities

Paolo Bacigalupi
The Drowned Cities Cover

The Drowned Cities


I really enjoyed Ship Breaker, and this book is a sort of companion story in the same universe. In that first book, the Drowned City (New Orleans) played the role of destination, standing in for the dystopian future and allowing the author to focus on character and story. In this book, the Cities are front and center and the characterizations not a strong. Still very good, but lacking a bit. Perhaps the more linear story is part of the problem, or maybe because this book is quite a bit darker.

It has been said that this book is Young Adult, and the main characters are all basically kids. In their situation, though, they are basically adults, and only in a few cases is a "kid-like" thought had. While dark, the book is not especially gory, and the Young Adult label is fine.

I look forward to reading some adult fiction from this author.