The Prestige

Christopher Priest
The Prestige Cover

The Prestige is Quite an Achievement...


I really wish I had read Priest's book before seeing the movie as the twists, turns and revelations would have been so much more fun without any foreknowledge. The movie gives away the 'prestige' of the story and that is a shame since the book is written in such a cunningly confusing way. While much of the movie is true to the major events in the book, the endings are quite different. The book ending is much more creepy and horrific and I much preferred it to the cinematic version.

Even though I knew the plot going in, I'm still glad I read this book. The writing and pace are simply marvelous. It works equally well as science-fiction, historical fiction, horror, and mystery. The book is quite an achievement and, at ~400 pages, is just about the perfect length for the story being told.