The Dragon's Path

Daniel Abraham
The Dragon's Path Cover

The Dragon's Path


Recurring readers of Weighing A Pig won't be surprised that I hold Daniel Abraham's exceptional debut series, The Long Price quartet in very high regard. It was the most emotional story I've read last year. The series is secondary world fantasy, but it's very much its own thing, with a subdued use of a highly original and poetic idea for a magic system.

That's tough to beat. I was underwhelmed by Leviathan Wakes, the first entry in a space opera series Abraham co-wrote with Ty Franck as James S.A. Corey. And I'm sad to report that I'm also a bit underwhelmed by this first book in the epic high fantasy series The Dagger And The Coin, albeit less so: I don't think I will continue The Expanse SF-series, but I'll probably give the second book of TDATC, The King's Blood, a real chance.

The Dragon's Path is the first of 5 books, and it suffers from having to set things up. That's a much read remark in reviews of fantasy series. Still, a first book doesn't have to suffer from having to set-up things at all, as Abraham proved himself with the stunning A Shadow In Summer.

Of note is this part of an interesting interview with Abraham: (...)

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